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Six Easy Ways You Can "Green & Clean" Your Business District

The City and your Business District can work together to help improve the quality of life in your district and increase sales. More trees, better lighting, clean sidewalks, well-maintained streets, graffiti-free walls - all will help bring more customers to your neighborhood.
1. Plant Some Trees
Complete an online workshop or certify that a professional landscaper will plant and maintain the trees, submit your application, and the City will deliver the trees.Environmentally friendly cut-out skyline style of Downtown LA

2. Report Graffiti
Make an anonymous online request for graffiti removal or dial 3-1-1.

3. Request Bulky-item Pick Up
Old sofas, mattresses, and other items lying around deter potential customers - request a bulky item pick up and the City will pick it up for you.

4. Report Abandoned Waste and Illegal Dumping
Report an illegally dumped item and the City will pick it up. You can also report repeat illegal dumpers to Streets LA and prevent consistent waste problems.

5. Make Your Street More Pedestrian-Friendly
Submit a request for service to fix cracks in your sidewalk, an alley that needs cleaning, an overgrown tree or other street maintenance issues.

6. Request a Sidewalk Bicycle Rack
Increase mobility by giving your customers transportation options and become a part of the Bicycle Friendly Business Program. Learn more about how to build and sustain a successful Bicycle Friendly Business District (BFBD) with LA Metro's BFBD Implementation Manual (PDF).

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