EWDD partner Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) day laborers

EWDD partner Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) day laborers

Day Labor Resource Centers Program in the City of Los Angeles is a public safety program, which allows persons seeking casual labor work to safely congregate and be matched with employers seeking temporary workers.

The Day Labor Resource Center program provides fixed hiring centers in selected areas of the City where persons participating in the casual labor force can safely congregate to solicit employment from residents and businesses seeking day labor. As such, these centers provide a valuable community service to residents, merchants, and others to feel comfortable and safe with the practice of seeking work in public.

A Day Labor Resource Center provides a safe space away from traffic and busy streets, decreasing the potential for an accident and provides basic amenities to day laborers such as water, coffee, bread, lavatories, waste disposal, benches and shade.

There are no fees to employers or day laborers to utilize the services at any site.

Center Locations

Downtown/Fashion District

121 East Pico Blvd
Los Angeles 90015


Open Monday - Saturday

Cypress Park

2055 North Figueroa
Los Angeles 90065


Open Monday - Saturday

Harbor City

1301 North Figueroa
Harbor City 90744


Open Monday - Saturday


Van Nuys

8250 North Balboa Place
Van Nuys 91406


Open Monday - Saturday


1675 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles 90017


Open Monday - Saturday

Program Administration

The program is administered by the Economic & Workforce Development Department. Two LA City contractors currently operate the sites: Two contractor staff members supervise the workers congregating at the site. The staff is responsible for ensuring that the site is safe, clean, drug and alcohol-free and violence-free. Each site has a system to dispatch jobs fairly.

Staff also provides community outreach services. The outreach services are designed to bring the day laborers and employers to the site, coordinate with the businesses that attract the day laborers, and work with community members and organizations to address local issues and concerns related to the presence of day laborers. Basic amenities such as water, coffee, bread, sanitary facilities, and shelter are provided on-site. Site staff coordinates various on-site activities. On-site activities and services are also provided through volunteers, religious and community organizations.

The in-kind activities and services provided vary based on availability and can include English as a Second Language (ESL) classes; legal counseling regarding immigration and employment issues; HIV awareness, education and referral for testing; medical examinations, alcohol, drugs and sexual diseases counseling and referrals; referral to various other services; clothing and food. The day laborers are encouraged to volunteer and participate in various community activities, including community cleanup programs and civic involvement.

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