Appleton’s Market nutrient-dense microwavable mini-meals
The LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund grant provided Christina Appleton financial relief that allowed her to keep her business Appleton’s Market open during the pandemic.

Appleton’s Market is inspired by the grocery store Christina’s great grandparents founded in 1962 and passed down for several generations. She now honors her family’s entrepreneurial spirit with her business, which specializes in the sale of “power veggie bites,” nutrient-dense microwavable mini-meals.

Appleton had been gearing up for the launch of this business for almost 18 months when COVID-19 struck. The pandemic’s shutdowns to businesses and restaurants presented many unique challenges to Appleton’s Market, as her new business lost many of its primary sales channels and needed to pivot its sales strategy to survive before even having the chance to successfully launch.

As a recipient of the LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund grant, Appleton gained funding to cover COVID-related expenses. Appleton’s Market is now expanding it's business and making mini-meals available throughout California.

“This Fund has allowed me a little breathing room to test our new channels and learn what is best for my business,” Christina said.

LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund

On August 31, 2020, the County and City of Los Angeles announced the creation of the LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund, a joint effort to provide financial assistance to micro-entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits experiencing economic hardships due to the coronavirus.

Christina Appleton's story above is an example of how the COVID-19 Recovery Fund assisted local L.A. businesses. Appleton’s Market is located in Council District 5.

Awards ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 were provided over six rounds, the last of which ended October 26, 2020. In the upcoming weeks, EWDD Updates will feature more stories on L.A. City businesses that received grants and how the funding is helping them stay afloat during COVID-19.

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