Luis Benitez, owner of Cardinal Painting
The North Valley BusinessSource Center (BSC) helped Luis Benitez, owner of Cardinal Painting, obtain funding that is aiding his business' financial recovery from COVID-19 and paving the way for its growth.

Luis is a general contractor with more than 25 years of experience. In February 2016, he opened his business in Northridge. In addition to painting services, Cardinal Painting offers a wide range of general contracting services for commercial and residential spaces. Cardinal Painting's work includes kitchen, bathroom, and façade remodeling. "If you give me a piece of land, everything you see, feel and step on, I know how to manage and construct," he said.

Over the past six years, Luis built a sustainable small business with two full-time employees. Luis turned to the North Valley BSC, operated by EWDD contractor ICON CDC, last year in search of resources to cover COVID-19-related expenses. Luis received a $5,000 City of LA Comeback Checks grant with assistance from the BSC staff and was approved for a $20,000 loan. This funding gave him peace of mind, as it allowed Luis to pay past due rent and operating expenses, and retain his employees.

"The services they have provided me have been valuable, and it's reflected in the confidence my employees and clients have in me," he said. "I have felt very motivated and encouraged because I know I'm not alone. They are wonderful people, great people that are only a knock away. The result of the help ICON CDC has provided is that I'm up to date with everything, I'm more organized, and I can focus on providing better service. I am able to sleep better, knowing I have that support."

The North Valley BSC is currently assisting Luis with acquiring a Small Business Enterprise certification through the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works. Luis will use this certification to look for contracting opportunities with the City of LA through the RAMP Procurement Portal. For your painting and/or construction needs, please contact Cardinal Painting for painting or construction needs, call 818-675-8787 (español) or 818-233-3403 (English). Cardinal Painting is located in City Council District 12.

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