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Join Other L.A. Businesses & Make a Difference

In April 2022, Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez assembled a group of executives in top roles at local, national and international companies. These women lead organizations that represent a wide range of industries, including infrastructure, business organizations, entertainment and tech. Together, they signed a pledge to create women-friendly workplaces by implementing welcoming and accommodating policies for women and individuals with children.

These organizations include:
Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)
Central City Association (CCA)
Cordoba Corporation
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Economic and Workforce Development Department
Become a Woman-Friendly Employer

Women at Work LA pledge to become a woman- and caregiver-friendly employer
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Developing a family-friendly workplace attracts the best talent and fosters employee loyalty by creating a community within your business. It creates a space where parents are not punished for caring for their children, where no child has to feel as if they are a burden when they are sick, and where your employees and your business can thrive.

Pledge to undertake efforts in your organizations that establishes inclusive policies and guidelines to create workplaces that are welcoming and accommodating to women and individuals with children.