L.A. Comeback Checks Program

L.A. Comeback Checks Program

Thank you for submitting your Comeback Checks grant application!

At the close of each online application round, the City of Los Angeles will analyze submissions to ensure an equitable distribution of Finalists across City districts and among small business categories (e.g. Microenterprise, Small Business, and Small/Medium Business).

If selected as a Finalist, you will be contacted by Community Reinvestment Fund, Inc (CRF) within ten (10) business days asking for additional information and documentation. Applicants need to provide the requested information and documentation within five (5) business days after receiving the Information Request email notification from CRF.

Applications that are not completed within five business days will be withdrawn from consideration.

If you do not receive an Information Request notification from CRF then your application was not selected as a Finalist. If not selected as a Finalist at the end of application rounds 1 and 2, you will automatically be considered for round 2 and round 3 selection. Do NOT resubmit an application when subsequent online application rounds open.

Thank you again for your Comeback Checks application submission!

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