About the Women at Work Initiative

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted gender inequities in the workforce, and underscored the challenges women face in balancing family and workplace responsibilities.

Why Focus on Moms?

Moms have borne the brunt of caregiver bias and suffered the sharpest declines in employment due to COVID-19. However, these policies should be available to all caregivers regardless of gender.

COVID-19 forced more than 2.3 million women out of the U.S. labor force. These job loss numbers were disproportionately felt by women of color. 1

Building a ‘mom-friendly workplace’ goes beyond office baby showers and pump rooms. Comprehensive public and corporate policies that support mothers are what’s needed to enable women to return to work. In order for the ideal of work-life inclusion to become a reality, moms need more control over when, where and how they work — and the protections and cultural norms to ensure that bias doesn’t hold back their potential. 2