Ivor Bok and his family at a Metro Bridge Academy graduation
EWDD premiered two inspirational social media videos this week featuring Ivor Bok, a graduate of the Metro Bridge Academy at Los Angeles Valley College who shares his trajectory from job seeker to bus operator at Metro.

“My family is my ‘why’ and I suggest that you find your ‘why’,” he said. “I know all of you have a reason, a ‘why’, mine was my family.”

Funded by EWDD, the Metro Bridge Academy is a 70-hour training program that prepares job seekers for an interview with Metro. Those with successful interviews are fast tracked into Operation Central Instruction to become Metro Bus Operators.

The first two-minute video includes testimonials from Ivor and his wife Tamara about the program and the positive impact it has had on their lives.

As the sole breadwinner for his family, Ivor was living on savings following the loss of his sales job after a 17-year career in administrative roles in the financial industry.

The brevity of the Metro Bridge Academy program allowed Ivor to make a dramatic career change in an accelerated time frame, Tamara said.

“I’m just really proud of my husband to see how far he’s come in such a short period of time,” she said. “And I think that says a lot about the program too, is that they allow you to do so much in a short period of time. They don’t drag it out for two years, or three years. People don’t have that much time when they need to take care of their family.”

Tamara added that Ivor recognizes the possibilities Metro offers and is availing himself of their training programs to move up the career ladder.

“He has grasped that opportunity and really, really ran with it,” she said. “And not just becoming the bus operator and kind of staying there, he is grasping at every opportunity that they are giving him and he is constantly looking for more.”

Since graduating from the Metro Bridge Academy in November 2017, Ivor has shared his success story with other graduates, telling them, “If I can do it, I guarantee you, you can all do it.”

The 2-minute version of the video is intended for Twitter and Facebook. The 1-minute version is intended for Instagram. Both videos are available on the EWDD YouTube channel. These videos represent the wide-range of services EWDD provides to youth, job seekers and entrepreneurs daily at the City’s YouthSource, WorkSource and BusinessSource Centers.

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