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On September 12, 2018 Grid110 announced the selection of 22 client companies representing 30 entrepreneurs for their fall 2018 Residency and Idea2 (I2P) Prototype programs.

The I2P is an eight-week program that arms entrepreneurs with the tools, framework, structure and community to expand an idea and validate a prototype.

This fall, the Residency Program will serve start-up teams that have moved beyond the idea phase and seek support with customer acquisition, growth, financial modeling, business plans, hiring and pitching.

Grid110 was founded in 2015, to support the growth of the startup ecosystem in Downtown LA. Since its inception, Grid110 has provided sixty-two early stage startup companies with access to free office space, mentoring and other resources. Participant entrepreneurs and companies do not pay fees to participate in these programs or give up equity.

EWDD administers and supports Grid110 through a $700,000 Community Development Block Grant.

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