The Los Angeles Public Library WorkSource Portal helped Lydia launch her civil service career at LAX through the City of LA's Targeted Local Hire Program
The Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) WorkSource Portal in Downtown Los Angeles recently helped a woman secure a full-time, civil service job on a professional track with LAX through the City’s Targeted Local Hire Program (TLHP).

In 2017, Lydia met with Workforce Specialist Johnathon M Davis at the LAPL Portal for assistance to find a job. Lydia initially expressed interest in the construction trades. Johnathon noticed Lydia possessed the job readiness skills to pursue a professional career and could benefit from the Targeted Local Hire Program. The TLHP is designed to help under-served and under-employed Angelenos find an alternative pathway to Civil Service Careers at the City.

Lydia was referred to the Downtown/Pico-Union WorkSource Center to initiate and complete the required TLHP application process. Lydia completed all the steps and was placed into the application pool for available City positions.

Lydia continued to work with a workforce specialist, where she received assistance with job seeking strategies, resume preparation and interview coaching.

Within a few months, Lydia was contacted by the City for her first interview. Ultimately, Lydia received a phone call from the City of Los Angeles with an offer to begin the process of becoming a civil service employee at LAX. Johnathon was ecstatic to hear Lydia’s news.

“This is why we are the City of Los Angeles,” he said. “We are made up of the interwoven fabric of our diverse communities, while tasked with bringing forth positive changes for one another.”

During the call, Lydia expressed the need for professional work attire and transportation assistance, which EWDD was able to provide through our supportive services. Lydia was also seeking to improve her computer skills. Johnathon suggested enrolling in the free online computer skills courses provided by the Los Angeles Public Library.

As of today, Lydia is elated about her new position and the overall trajectory of her future toward attaining a successful and sustainable career with the City of Los Angeles.

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