(Left to Right) Nancy Herrera, Elis Lee and Brenda Anderson celebrated of EWDD’s Youth Operations Team accepted an Outstanding Social Media Team award from CFE
The City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD) Youth Operations team recently received an Outstanding Social Media Team Award from the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE) for delivering the most tweets during the #SummerJobsConnect Twitter campaign.

The 12-week program asked youth across 13 cities nationwide to share their thoughts about the importance of summer jobs. CFE and the Citi Foundation donated $400,000 to HIRE LA’s Youth program earlier this year.

Youth participated from the Boyle Heights Technology YouthSource Center and YO! Watts YouthSource Center, garnering 1st place for providing the most tweets in the campaign. In total, #SummerJobsConnect campaign generated more than 3,500 mentions on Twitter, with 534 engaged users, approximately 1.885 retweets and 390 email submissions.

Youth participant Jacqueline Sanchez from the YO! Watts YSC had the distinction of submitting the first tweet in the campaign.

Youth participant John Ayala from YO! Watts, who also served as a Financial Services Coach representative and taught other youth financial literacy skills as part of the program, was selected to be featured in a CFE video about the campaign.
@JohnAyala850 tweet about #SummerJobsConnect
“Coming from a low income community where not everyone is taught financial literacy can be really dangerous,” John said in the video, which he originally published on Twitter. “I love feeling like a super hero and having the super power to teach. I also help them make sure they make the right financial decision that is going to affect their lives.”

Thanks all for representing @LAEWDD!

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