Barista Job Training Program, provided by Los Angeles Hospitality Training Academy (LAHTA)Don't let a lack of education hold you back. If you meet federal guidelines, we can help you pay for the training required to qualify you for a job. The WorkSource Center network works with a variety of colleges and individual vocational trainers in the Los Angeles area to execute specifically tailored curriculum designed to qualify workers for high-demand jobs. Some of the jobs we currently train for include Green Technology Manufacturing, Private Security Officers, Transportation and Logistics.

The WorkSource Center network wants to improve your family's financial picture. If you seek a more satisfying career than your current path or a higher-paying track, WorkSource will put its resources to work for you. They connect job seekers with information, resources and programs to qualify them for high-demand jobs in growing industries like these:


The greater Los Angeles area is the entertainment capital of the world. The movie industry has its roots in and continues to thrive here. Hollywood, Culver City and the San Fernando Valley are home to major film studios including Disney, Fox, Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony/Columbia, NBC/Universal, and Warner Bros.

In support of the entertainment industry, the City also has a large hospitality sector (restaurants and hotels).

The WorkSource system offers training opportunities that lead to entry-level jobs in hotels and restaurants. The jobs comprise everything from hotel management to culinary positions. Examples of entry-level jobs: hotel housekeeper, front desk clerk, server, cashier, barman, cook. Whichever you choose, hotel or restaurant, both have career pathways to high-wage jobs.

The Crenshaw, Northeast Los Angeles, and Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource centers have a focus on training opportunities in this field. Please use our WorkSource Centers page for contact information.


The Bioscience employment sector is one of the most important employment sectors in the Los Angeles region, with 1,085 biotech firms, employing approximately 44,000 people in Los Angeles County. The biosciences industry offers employment opportunities with excellent wages and benefits for “middle skill workers” with average earnings of $57,618 in pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing and $52,722 in medical equipment and supplies.

WorkSource Centers offer both short- and long-term certificated training in this exciting field through partnerships with Los Angeles Trade Technical (LATTC) and Los Angeles Valley College.

Short-term training consists of an employer driven 8-week course focused on good manufacturing practices, science, and math for the healthcare and biomedical manufacturing industry. Long-term training consists of a 9-month Process Technology Certification Program leading to placement in a variety of positions. People who complete this training program have gone on to great jobs in bioscience career including:
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Process technician
  • Lab technician
  • Oil refinery worker
  • Hazardous waste operator
  • Chemical technician
  • Environmental protection workers
  • Safety attendants
  • Environment control
  • Hydroblasters
The Canoga Park and Wilshire-Metro WorkSource centers have a focus on training opportunities in this field. Please use our WorkSource Centers page for contact information.

GREEN TECHNOLOGY & UTILITIES Solar Panel Installation Training at LAUSD Adult and Career Education Division

Recent world attention focused on reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment has led to development new technologies and employment opportunities in renewable energy sources. Employment opportunities in this emerging field include installation and sales of solar panel system as well as automotive applications focused on bio-fuels and electric power.

WorkSource Centers can help you start your career in this exciting field through training solar panel installation and sales or in automotive technicians focused on bio-fuel, hybrid or electric vehicles.

The Boyle Heights WorkSource center has a focus on training opportunities in these fields. Please use our WorkSource Centers page for contact information.


If you want a career as a nurse, x-ray technician, EMT or a medical records clerk, the WorkSource Center will help you access training for those careers.

Did you know, the healthcare industry will spawn 5.6 million new jobs nationwide by 2020 Demand for healthcare is soaring in the U.S., double the rate of the national economy over the next eight years? Some of the jobs where growth will be high include support positions, such as hospital accountants, pharmaceutical sales representatives, doctor’s office secretaries and more, 13% of all U.S. jobs will be in healthcare.

To learn more about jobs and career pathways in the Health Care industry, visit one of our WorkSource Centers.

JVS BankWork$ financial training program graduate


More than 100 foreign and countless domestic banks are situated in Los Angeles. This represents one of the largest concentrations of banking and finance services in the United States. LA also has a large concentration of financial law firms and investment banks.

Our WorkSource Centers can prepare job seekers for entry-level positions in banking, accounting and financial services. We can help you develop skills in customer service and sales. We can teach you how to develop positive relationships with customers and co-workers. We can strengthen your communication and written skills. We can hone and focus your analytic reasoning, your math skills, your verbal and written communication skills. We can teach you how to pay attention to details.

The Pacoima/North Valley and West Los Angeles WorkSource centers have a focus on training opportunities in this field. Please use our WorkSource Centers page for contact information.


Los Angeles is the largest major manufacturing center in the United States. The last few years have witnessed major economic expansion, transformational improvements in energy efficiency and an influx of manufacturing productivity. These top trends have created a demand for high-skilled employees in the the current and future workforce. Advanced manufacturing jobs in the Los Angeles area include automation, 3-D printing, high speed machining and applied green technology.

To learn more about manufacturing jobs, visit one of our WorkSource Centers.


On-the-Job logistics training through the Harbor Gateway WorkSource Center
International trade employment sector, which includes logistics, warehousing and transportation is vital to the Southern California economy. Findings in reports from the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) show that these fields are the fastest growing industry in Los Angeles County.

The City’s WorkSource Centers can help you obtain the skills to compete in this high-demand sector. Our WSCs offer training leading to employment in transportation, including public transit operator, or a truck driver moving general freight for the global logistics and goods movement; warehousing, including fork lift operators, or global logistics specialists.

This training is offered through several providers, including the Los Angeles Community College District campuses, the California State University System, Metro, and private training providers. Training ranges from in-class training and on-the-job paid training.

The Chatsworth, Harbor Gateway and Sun Valley WorkSource centers have a focus on training opportunities in these fields. Please use our WorkSource Centers page for contact information.