real estate agent helping man with home ownership
The LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund provided a grant to real estate broker Wanda B. Henry, helping her cover pandemic-related expenses for her business, Brookside Real Estate.

With more than 25 years of experience in sales, listing, and finance, Wanda and her colleagues have helped property owners in need for decades, offering real estate services and extra assistance to homeowners and renters. When COVID-19 emerged, the real estate market, like many other industries, was caught off-guard and faced many sudden uncertainties.

Shad Mishu, the owner of California Coast Limo Inc
Shad Mishu, the owner of California Coast Limo Inc., a transportation company based out of San Pedro, was first acquainted with the Harbor-Watts BusinessSource Center (BSC) in 2019 when he needed access to capital.

With the help provided by the Harbor-Watts BSC, Mr. Mishu was able to secure a $415,000 Small Business Administration (SBA) loan with Poppy Bank. The SBA loan enabled Mr. Mishu to purchase a fleet of stretch limos, thereby expanding his revenue streams.

young children receiving sensory development through food play and sorting
The LA Regional COVID-19 Fund provided a grant that allowed the Child Development Institute to continue to provide their services and resources to families in need.

For more than 20 years, the institute has been promoting healthy development and providing crucial information, products, and services to parents. The organization’s website has become a “go-to” for parents seeking support for child development questions and issues, and is referenced by major universities, school districts, professional organizations and public agencies.

West Valley Boys & Girls Club staff members
The LA Regional COVID-19 Fund provided the West Valley Boys & Girls Club a grant that helped the organization continue to provide services to the 3,200 children that rely on its resources annually.

Since 1992, the West Valley Boys & Girls Club has provided programs to children that build character, encourage healthy lifestyles, and boost academic performance. Many alumni have said that the Club’s commitment to building communities and providing strong role models has helped keep them out of trouble and become more dedicated to their education.

L.A. entrepreneur Angelo Varsobia
After spending his career in the cleaning industry, entrepreneur Angelo Varsobia used his savings to launch Premier Property Preservation, LLC.

Established in 2017, the business entity includes several separate businesses that specialize in commercial and residential janitorial services, including sanitizing, disinfecting, repair, maintenance, and debris removal. Prior to 2020, Premier Property Preservation, LLC was a growing business that received more than 70 small contract jobs in the public and private sector.

LACCC Clean Streets partnership crews cleaned streets in Pacoima
The Los Angeles Community CARE Corp (LACCC) program, which ran in December 2020, offered temporary employment to Angelenos who lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Participants were offered jobs related to COVID-19 emergency response and humanitarian efforts that paid up to $22 per hour for up to 200 hours. EWDD’s WorkSource Centers, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office, Council District Offices and Community Build, Inc., rolled out the LACCC in 30-days in order to expend the CARES Act funding for the program before it expired December 30, 2020.