Angella Cole, owner of Angella's Sweet Spot, with a tray of baked treats
The Mid-City BusinessSource Center (BSC) helped pastry chef Angella Cole successfully obtain a microloan to expand her business, Angella's Sweet Spot.

In May 2021, Angella reached out to the BSC, operated by EWDD contractor PACE, to seek strategies and guidance to grow her company. Angella met with PACE Business Counselor Supranee May to discuss her business plan and

Harbor-Gateway WorkSource Center Aaron in his new logistics career
Aaron was working as a shuttle bus driver at LAX when he was laid off in April 2020 due to COVID-19. He had a hard time finding new work, especially in the travel industry, due to the decline in travel during the pandemic.

After some research, Aaron found that truck driving would be a good transition since it is closely related to his previous line of work and is currently in demand. His only issue was

RebootLA participant Seth Sundberg launched his tech consulting business, Reach New Heights
RebootLA participant Seth Sundberg spent five years inside federal prison, and he recalls his transition to society as terrible. He said that being incarcerated messed him up physically and mentally because he dealt with very extreme circumstances when he was inside, and the skills he learned to survive in prison were not useful elsewhere.

Seth shares that when he was released from prison, he found that even the most mundane things were difficult to do. He had to relearn

Boyle Heights Technology YouthSource Center (BHTYC) Open House on Saturday, October 23, 2021
The Boyle Heights Technology YouthSource Center (BHTYC) held an Open House on Saturday, October 23, 2021. BHTYC's partners Helping The Next Developers and Producers (HNDP), Five Keys, and Parents, Educators/Teachers & Students in Action (PESA) were in attendance at the outdoor event.

HNDP, a nonprofit that mentors LA youth towards career paths in the entertainment industry, hosted the event. HNDP alumni Oscar

smiling BIPOC small business owner holding a cottage-core open sign, welcomes customers into her shop; Comeback Checks Program round two opening soon
EWDD received 18,000 applications for Round 1 of the City's $25M Comeback Checks program, which will provide $5,000 grants to local mom-and-pop shops, restaurants, and other small businesses in need of COVID-19 financial recovery assistance.

EWDD's team has been working diligently to process applications since the Round 1 application period closed at 11:59pm Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Launch dates for Rounds 2 and 3 are

Sun Valley WorkSource Center, in Southeast San Fernando Valley, helped participant Rex on his new machinist operator career path
Rex is a military service veteran who first came to the Sun Valley, Southeast Valley WorkSource Center (WSC) on April 28th, 2021. Formerly a licensed massage therapist, his vocation was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As COVID-19 restrictions eased, Rex was unsure what was in store for him, but he knew that his employment future would undoubtedly change. To that end, he worked with a WSC counselor to receive career and business