(left to right) Nina Joshi and Lina Borgo of Mina Health
EWDD administers and supports several incubators in the City of Los Angeles through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, including Grid110, an economic and community development non-profit dedicated to creating pathways to success for early-stage entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.

In a recent Founder's Spotlight blog post on Medium, Grid110 highlighted participants Nina Joshi and Lina Borgo, friends and founders of Mina Health, a platform dedicated to guiding women through a natural and major life transition – menopause.

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“When we conducted market scans on Women’s Health, we saw so much activity and so many companies that served the first part of a woman’s life (from menstruation to pregnancy). Still, very few companies focused on the second part of a woman’s life. We saw this as a huge missed opportunity. When speaking to family and friends who are currently going through menopause or went through the transition, we noticed that this natural milestone was still so stigmatized. We knew we had to change this for our mothers today and for us as future-menopausal women!”

An average of 27 million women between the ages of 45 and 64 experience menopause each year. The uncertainty with menopause leads to inaccurate treatments. The Mina Health digital platform creates a one-stop shop for menopause, including diagnostic testing, treatment, and education. The company launched an affordable and accessible at-home menopause hormone test in 2020 which provides women insight into menopause timing and phases.

“We decided to start with our diagnostic solution when we learned just how stressful it can be for women to navigate menopause symptoms. Many of the women we spoke to (including our mothers) could recount the struggle of having to determine if the unpleasant symptom they were experiencing was menopause or something else entirely.”

With the support of Grid110, Lina and Nina discovered a community of entrepreneurs, expert mentorship, and crucial resources through their no-cost, no-equity accelerator programs.

“You don’t need to have it all figured out to join Grid110! Grid110 not only gives us an amazing community and network of like-minded founders but also a massive wealth of practical knowledge regardless of company stage.”

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