Lennie Brown, owner of Brown and Brown Quality Care Facility, Inc
The Mid-City BusinessSource Center (BSC) recently connected two BSC clients, resulting in a partnership that provides intellectually and developmentally disabled adults an opportunity to gain work experience.

For the past three years, the BSC has provided extensive business counseling to Lennie Brown, owner of Brown and Brown Quality Care Facility, Inc. (BBQC). His business is dedicated to assisting adults with disabilities to achieve economic security by overcoming barriers to employment while increasing self-sufficiency.

Creating Long-Term Partnerships for Long-Term Success

BBQC identifies the strengths of the job seekers and pairs them with a coach to sharpen their skills so they may enter or retain employment. The organization also provides career services, including assistance with job searches, job training, job placement, self-employment, entrepreneurial activities, and other supportive living services. Clients are often hired to be restaurant workers, custodial workers and cleaners.

BBQC instituted strict social distancing and health and safety requirements due to COVID-19.

Since BBQC was founded in 2018, the BSC has provided guidance on how to develop and grow the business, including supportive business and credit counseling, access to capital, cash flow management, sourcing commercial space and equipment, and other resources. (BBQC was previously featured in the November 4, 2019 issue of EWDD Updates).

In 2019, the Mid-City BSC, overseen by EWDD partner PACE, helped Lennie successfully secure a contract with a local State of California Department of Development Services Regional Center, a system of nonprofit corporations that provide services and support for individuals with developmental disabilities. The BSC then helped Lennie secure a microloan, capital that allowed him to hire two new employees needed to perform the duties outlined in the contract.

Similar to other small businesses, securing steady cash flow was a challenge. BSC Business Counselor Manager Wai-Ling Chin provided Lennie cash flow and credit counseling, guidance that helped him make loan payments on time and pay off the loan prior to the maturity date. The loan payment also helped improve his credit score, which paved the way for future financing opportunities.

For the business operation, Wai-Ling assisted Lennie in identifying employers who were seeking job placements through the center’s existing business network. As a result of the referrals, another business client of the Mid-City BusinessSource Center, Tamashii Ramen House, signed a contract with BBQC to provide their clients on-the-job training.

As BBQC proved to be a successful business model in providing quality care to its clients, Lennie secured a second contract with the DDS Regional Center. In June 2021, he was awarded a third contract with the South Central Los Angeles Regional Center to assist independent living for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults.

BBQC is located in Council District 8.

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