City of LA Small Business Commission logo
On Thursday, July 1, 2021, the City of Los Angeles Small Business Commission (LASBC) launched its Online Portal through the EWDD website.

The LASBC is an advisory committee of seven representatives appointed by the Mayor and the LA City Council to advocate for the needs of small businesses within city limits. The Commission's goal is to help small businesses in Los Angeles achieve greater prosperity, create more jobs, and positively impact the local economy.

The group facilitates greater business owner participation in City policy-making processes. It also provides input on the proposed actions, issues, and decisions affecting the small business community and reviews state and federal legislation that may impact small businesses in the city.

In April 2020, the Commission worked to reduce or eliminate various financial and regulatory burdens on small businesses affected by the COVID-19 emergency mandates and closures. They advised the City Attorney on providing commercial tenants temporary protection from eviction by extending the length of allowable time to pay past due rents during the health crisis.

The Commission recently advised the City on streamlining processes affecting the restaurant industry direly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their efforts facilitated the adoption of the L.A. Al Fresco Program, which supported the creation and expansion of outdoor dining opportunities to help local eateries re-open safely by temporarily relaxing rules that regulate outdoor dining.

The LABSC works with EWDD to prioritize issues of particular concern to LA's small business community, such as the Sidewalk and Park Vendor Program and the Local Business Preference Program. To be eligible to serve on the LASBC, commissioners must reside in the City of Los Angeles or own a business located within the city. Visit the LASBC Portal and learn more about the Commission.

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