OSHA Achievement Safety Standards Certificate of Completion
The LA Regional COVID-19 Fund provided a grant that helped Erick Farruggia, owner of Safety Achievement LLC, shore up his company against some of the financial hazards caused by the pandemic.

Safety Achievement LLC is an occupational health and safety consultant service company that works with companies to identify non-compliance issues and hazards and provide training to establish a safe workplace environment. The company offers services including health and safety inspections, employee certifications, and on-site training to ensure that companies implement safety measures for their employees.

During the pandemic, the company faced several difficult financial decisions and struggled to move the business forward.

The LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund grant gave Safety Achievement LLC financial relief and allowed them to cover their COVID-19 related expenses. Farruggia called receiving the grant an “OMG” moment, as the grant made a big difference and gives hope to his company’s growth.

“The sense of hope and stability that we received through this program makes us feel blessed and is pushing us to work harder to obtain more clients,” said Farruggia.

LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund

On August 31, 2020, the County and City of Los Angeles announced the creation of the LA Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund, a joint effort to provide financial assistance to micro-entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits experiencing economic hardships due to the coronavirus.

Erick Farruggia's story is an example of how the COVID-19 Recovery Fund assisted local L.A. businesses. Safety Achievement LLC is located in LA City Council District 14.

Awards ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 were provided over six rounds, the last of which ended October 26, 2020. In the upcoming weeks, EWDD Updates will feature more stories on L.A. City businesses that received grants and how the funding is helping them stay afloat during COVID-19.

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