LA:RISE participant Joshua hard at work as part of the CRCD Enterprises Street Team
After some family struggles and a history with homelessness, LA:RISE participant Joshua received the support and the second chance he needed to retain his job as part of Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) Enterprises’ “Street Team.”

In less than a week on the job as part of Job Engagement Training (JET) at CRCD, Joshua impressed his supervisors with his positive attitude and outstanding work ethic. JET is a CRCD program that provides 32 hours of paid job training for young people who have never before held a job or had work experience.

While completing his hours, Joshua received praise from the Central Avenue Business Improvement District Supervisor. Joshua was then hired by CRCD as part of the CRCD Enterprises Street Team. Then, after a few months of impressive work, Joshua encountered some family struggles. The results were repeated “no call, no show” attendance records.

When a CRCD Enterprises Employee Support Coordinator contacted him about his absences, Joshua said that he had been arrested. After he was released, Joshua went back to CRCD Enterprises to see if he could possibly get his job back. Unfortunately, his position was no longer available. Joshua was then referred to CRCD’s YouthSource Center, where he learned about LA:RISE.

Through the program, Joshua rejoined the CRCD Enterprise Street Team. With a second chance to prove himself, Joshua went to work every day and put his heart into his work. When he came close to completing his hours, Joshua was offered his previous position again.

Thanks to the support he received from LA:RISE, Joshua made the most of his second chance and is thrilled to be employed with CRCD Enterprises.

LA:RISE – A social enterprise solution to help join the workforce

EWDD is a leadership team partner of LA:RISE, an innovative, collaborative partnership that unites the City and County of Los Angeles’ Workforce Development System (WDS) with non-profit social enterprises and for-profit employers to help men and women with high barriers to employment get good jobs and stay employed. The City’s WorkSource Centers and LA:RISE prioritize individuals recently released from prison, the unsheltered or those at risk of homelessness and youth ages 18-24 who are neither in school or working. After working in a transitional job at a social enterprise and leveraging training and services from the WorkSource Center, LA:RISE participants are placed at jobs in the private sector, in public-sector jobs in the City of LA, or in vocational training programs.

In the week of January 21, EWDD Updates shares two LA:RISE success stories. In addition to Joshua’s story above, LA:RISE and the Downtown Women’s Center provided Lavena with the confidence, support and skills needed to build a handcrafted leather bag business.

This story is part of the EWDD UPDATES from the week of January 21, 2019. Read this issue and more.