L.A. stories of inspiration and success

L.A. stories of inspiration and success

Future of Work podcast hosted by Pasadena City College
EWDD General Manager Carolyn Hull was recently the featured guest of the Future of Work, a podcast hosted by Pasadena Community College that explores how to close the gap between what students are learning and the demands of the workforce.

Titled "How to Become A Lifelong Learner in an Ever Changing Industry," Ms. Hull's episode covered how EWDD is prioritizing expanding youth employment programs and supporting training programs in growth industry sectors. She also emphasized the importance of adopting a lifelong learning mentality for workers to continue having relevant workplace skills.

"Those days of getting that degree and working at one company for the next 20, 30 years is probably not the future. And what is important is that we all upskill at various points, and as a result, we need to support the ability to utilize the latest technology, like AI."

She added, "We really want our private sector partners to understand that we want to provide people with living wage jobs, and we want to give people an opportunity to succeed. Maybe they didn't go to the fanciest schools, but they've had life experience. And to really look at life experience and to give credit for that so we can move people into these middle-skill jobs."

EWDD offers a variety of services, programs and benefits to the entire Los Angeles City community. BusinessSource Centers offer resources to microenterprises, small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs that help revitalize our economy and strengthen our local communities. WorkSource Centers support both job seekers and local business by offering free job training, resume and placement services, and employment and HR support for businesses. YouthSource Centers provide our teens and young adults assistance with completing high school and getting into college, finding a career path and skills training, and mentoring with all around support. Whatever you need, EWDD is here to help you achieve your goals.

This story is part of the EWDD UPDATES from the week of April 24, 2023. Read this issue and more.