L.A. stories of inspiration and success

L.A. stories of inspiration and success

LifeLOQ was created through participation in the LA Blue Accelerator program by Braid Theory - powering blue economy entrepreneurs
LA area incubator and accelerator programs contribute to the City's innovation landscape by supporting the creation and growth of start-ups. One of these incubators includes the Blue+ Ocean Accelerator powered by Braid Theory, which supports start-up businesses in the Blue Economy, including companies focused on port efficiencies, aquaculture and fisheries, ocean observation, water and energy, and other sustainable ocean solutions. The Blue Economy refers to an economic system or sector that seeks to conserve marine and freshwater environments while using them in a sustainable way to develop economic growth.

Tired of seeing workers get injured due to outdated safety technology and reading about industrial accidents such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill, engineers Nélson Abreu and Reza Bashiri sought to create a tech solution. So, they came up with LifeLOQ, a patented digital lockbox outfitted to ensure worker safety in maritime and other industrial environments. The LifeLOQ box offers digital solutions such as storing critical codes needed to bring businesses back online or, in situations where radio communication fails, offering a system to help key team members keep in touch on-site.

To launch their idea, LifeLOQ joined Braid Theory’s LA Blue 60-day pre-accelerator program in January 2022, along with other science and engineering-led solutions in shipping, logistics, transportation, ocean sustainability, and energy-water nexus. During the program, LifeLOQ was guided by experts and advisors through deep customer engagement, continuously refining their business model. Via customer interviews, Abreu and Bashiri learned to focus greater attention on compliance concerns while maintaining their product’s life-saving and downtime-saving features.

In May 2022, LifeLOQ had a chance to showcase its solution at Braid Theory's IGNITE22 Global Tech Showcase in front of more than 350 stakeholders. LifeLOQ was also invited to pitch at an investor-only demo dinner. This opportunity secured their first field demo with the electrical engineering company Arc Power Engineering (APE). LifeLOQ is currently in dialogue with other entities who also expressed interest at IGNITE22.

The engineers’ experience with both LA Blue and IGNITE22 had additional benefits. The exposure to the blue economy opened the team's eyes to how critical their work was for the maritime industry and the safety of its workers, with the prevalence of wet metal decks, fire risks, and limited access to remote emergency services. Conversations with stakeholders in the maritime industry also helped LifeLOQ envision its product as a portfolio of solutions for improved communication, awareness, and process. Through Braid Theory’s programs and additional customer research and product development, LifeLOQ is ripe for future investment and scaling in the Los Angeles region and beyond.

EWDD administers and provides financial support to several incubator and accelerator programs in the City of Los Angeles. These programs contribute to the City's innovation landscape by supporting the creation and growth of start-ups. Learn more about the various programs on our Incubators and Accelerators page.


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