L.A. stories of inspiration and success

L.A. stories of inspiration and success

Marielle Castorena, owner of the Speed Rolling Performance auto shop in San Fernando Valley
The North Valley BusinessSource Center (BSC) assisted Marielle Castorena, owner of the Speed Rolling Performance auto shop, with obtaining total loan forgiveness for a PPP loan that helped keep her business stay afloat during COVID-19.

Marielle established her business in January 2019. After gaining more than ten years of experience closing contracts with used tire companies and working for dealerships, an industry typically dominated by men, Marielle wanted to open her own car repair shop business.

She also wanted to prove to herself that she was capable of accomplishing an entrepreneurial venture and building economic independence for herself and her family.

When Marielle first opened her shop, she focused on promoting her business by going door-to-door with flyers to gain new clients. Within the first year, the shop started to gain a clientele and sales began to go up.

During COVID-19, the shop's sales decreased and put her business in a challenging position. Marielle was referred to Alma Torres at the North Valley BSC to obtain business assistance.

Together, they prioritized completing her PPP Forgiveness application.

"Alma has been providing me amazing support to my business, and now my PPP Forgiveness application has been approved," Marielle said. "The BSC also helped me to apply for other grants, assisted with hiring, and helped my business adapt to the new marketing era of the pandemic by creating social media accounts to promote my business and establish an online presence."

In addition to the financial assistance, the North Valley BSC and Marielle are working with EWDD social enterprise partner CHRYSALIS and the West Valley Worksource to hire two full-time, experienced mechanics for the shop.

Speed Rolling Performance is located in LA City Council District 12.

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