L.A. stories of inspiration and success

L.A. stories of inspiration and success

EWDD General Manager Carolyn Hull speaks at the official launch of the Student2Student (S2S) program on January 24, 2022
Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Monday, January 24, 2022, the official launch of the Student2Student (S2S) program, which pays and trains young Angelenos who tutor their siblings or school-aged relatives living in their household.

The program is an innovative partnership between the Mayor's Office, EWDD's YouthSource Center providers and high school students/continuation school students attending schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). S2S was developed to mitigate the loss of in-person learning opportunities and work experience in the City of Los Angeles during COVID-19. LAUSD students enroll in the program through EWDD’s YouthSource Center providers.

LAUSD teachers support the youth tutors by providing curriculum assistance and sharing teaching best practices. The youth tutors work remotely from home and connect with LAUSD teachers through Zoom.

Youth tutors then provide educational assistance to younger students attending Title I public schools. The youth tutors also earn $15 per hour for 120 hours.

“The Student2Student program offers an opportunity to cultivate LA’s future teachers,” said EWDD General Manager Carolyn Hull. “The pandemic robbed in-person learning for many of LA’s most vulnerable students and there is no replacement for that lost time. Allowing older students to tutor younger students is a step toward alleviating that learning loss while giving them a sneak peek at life as an educator.”

During the 2020 to 2021 pilot year, 225 youth participated in the S2S program and earned a paycheck while tutoring elementary, middle, and in some cases, other high school students in their household. The pilot program indicated significant achievements in early survey results. S2S participants indicated that 70 percent of tutored students experienced a “large improvement” in English reading and writing, and 67 percent experienced “medium improvement” in Math.

This year, the City has provided more than $3M to continue the S2S program. For program year 2021-2022, nearly 300 youth are participating in the S2S program, representing communities throughout the City. An LAUSD funded lead teacher is assigned to partner schools to support youth tutors. EWDD’s Youth team continues to collaborate on the S2S program with the Mayor’s Office, YouthSource and non-YouthSource providers and LAUSD.

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This story is part of the EWDD UPDATES from the week of January 24, 2022. Read this issue and more.

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