EWDD Systems Analyst Hotae
On March 18, 2020, Mayor Eric Garcetti activated the City’s Disaster Service Worker (DSW) program, dispatching City employees to assist in emergency relief programs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Approximately 33 EWDD employees have served as DSWs, with many assisting efforts at centers designed to help the City’s unsheltered. Below are the stories of two EWDD staffers and their DSW experience in early April 2020.

An Overnight Shift Taking the Temperatures of the City’s Unsheltered

Hotae, an EWDD Systems Analyst, was dispatched to a Reseda motel serving as a temporary shelter for the City’s unsheltered during the COVID-19 crisis. During his overnight shift, Hotae measured the temperature of each guest as they came into the motel.

In his day-to-day role at EWDD Hotae manages and reports website analytics of EWDD programs. During COVID-19, Hotae is monitoring web pages dedicated to programs such as the LA CAREs Corps.

“Those programs are essential because they have a direct impact on the lives of Angelenos by assisting their practical needs at the time,” he said.

Assisting the City’s Unsheltered, Sanitizing Surfaces for Their Safety

Venessa, a EWDD Senior Systems Analyst who specializes in application development and support, worked a day-long DSW shift at a motel in Canoga Park, which is providing emergency shelter to the City’s unsheltered.

Every three hours, Venessa sanitized door knobs and railings. She also assisted clients by providing them with essential supplies such as toilet paper, along with heating their food and opening their rooms.

“The nature of the services provided by EWDD instills that the department is a public serving entity working on behalf of people to provide resources for a viable city,” she said. “During a crisis, it is vital that EWDD as well as the people of Los Angeles bond together to support each other to maintain and sustain a quality of life that everyone will positively benefit from as a citizen in Los Angeles.”

If you have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, EWDD wants to help. Many residents of the City of Los Angeles have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Many are faced with job loss or are struggling to keep their businesses operational. Even as all Californians are asked to limit outside activities beyond what is absolutely necessary, the City of LA and EWDD are diligently working to provide crucial services and programs. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page to learn more. We're here to help.

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