LA city’s Targeted Local Hire Program alum Breeana London, pictured outside the EWDD offices, earned civil service status and received a promotion within a 20 month period
In partnership with the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department, EWDD’s WorkSource Centers have served as referral agencies and application centers for the Targeted Local Hire Program (TLHP), which seeks to connect under-served and under-employed populations with alternative pathways to civil service careers at the City of LA.

EWDD is proud to share the TLHP success stories from two of our employees. We congratulate them as they continue to build their careers with the City of LA.

In Less Than 2 Years, an EWDD THLP Employee Earns Her Civil Service Status and a Promotion

Twenty months after EWDD Admin Clerk Breeana London was hired through the City’s Targeted Local Hire Program, she has earned civil service status and received a promotion to Senior Admin Clerk at the City’s Harbor Department.

At EWDD, Breeana served as one of the department’s receptionists, greeting visitors as they arrived and fielding questions about EWDD’s WorkSource, YouthSource and BusinessSource Centers.

“It’s a wealth of information and knowledge I got from here,” she said. “The programs, being able to help people – it was never boring.”

Breeana attained civil service in April 2019 after finishing her one-year probation period. She recently passed the Senior Admin Clerk test and will begin her new role at the Harbor Department in January 2020.

“I feel prepared,” she said. “I don’t think anything is going to surprise me after this.”

Breeana was recently featured in EWDD Updates the week of November 11, 2019 and her story was EWDD’s top performing story that November across @laewdd social media channels (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

A YouthSource Success Story Enters TLHP, Gains Full-Time Work

Steven Mason at his graduation
EWDD Updates first featured Steven Mason in December 2017, where he shared how the YouthSource Center system helped him turn his life around from what he described as a “life of crime,” to earning an honest paycheck.

After a stint in jail, Steven became a YouthSource Center participant. He began his tenure with EWDD as a youth ambassador for the Los Angeles Performance Partnership Pilot (LAP3), a nationally recognized integrated service model that paved the way for youth to receive education, housing and social services resources at the City’s YouthSource Centers.

November 2017, Steven was hired at EWDD as a Community Administrative Support Worker (CASW) in the department’s Youth section and was then promoted to Youth Employment Specialist, both part-time roles. Steven signed up for the Targeted Local Hire Program in May 2018.

“I loved working in the Youth Source System and EWDD's Youth section because my heart has always wanted me to help youth who come from the places I did,” he said. “However, I knew if I wanted to be successful and be independent I would have to look for full-time employment. I saw how beneficial the City of LA had been to my superiors and told myself that I wanted that for myself too. I wanted a career in which I could continue to grow my skills as well as my salary. The perks of the benefits package the City offers also played a big part as well.”

In July 2019, Steven left EWDD to accept a position as an Office Trainee Admin Clerk at the City’s Department of Transportation. His advice to Targeted Local Hire applicants is to stay patient and never give up.

“Nothing happens overnight, and you have to be ready for when that time comes.”

He suggested that applicants keep their résumés and interview skills updated so that they are always prepared should an opportunity present itself. Congratulations Steven!

Discover the various programs and benefits offered through EWDD Employment Services and WorkSource Centers. Visit the City of Los Angeles' Targeted Local Hire Program website to locate the nearest WorkSource Center or referral agency accepting applications for the program.

This story is part of the EWDD UPDATES from the week of December 30, 2019. Read this issue and more.