re-entry job seeker Modesto received training through the Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource and become a skilled laborer
The Vernon-Central/Los Angeles Trade-Tech College (LATTC) WorkSource Center (WSC) helped re-entry job seeker Modesto receive training to become a skilled laborer.

After serving 25 years in prison, Modesto was determined to change his path and pursue a career in construction. Modesto enrolled at the Vernon-Central/LATTC WSC, run by EWDD partner Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD), where he received supportive services and registered for job training.

Modesto diligently attended daily construction training, driven by his goal to become the provider for his family.

Upon graduation from the training program, Modesto was hired as a skilled laborer at Technion Contractors, where he earns a stable, living wage. For others who were formerly incarcerated and want to get back on their feet, his motto is, “You can do it!”

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