the 150 attendees of EWDD Financial Management Division's Financial Grants Management Training pose outside of the Southern California Goodwill office Community Room

EWDD’s Financial Management Division (FMD) conducted an intensive two-day Financial Grants Management Training for EWDD subrecipients September 25 to 26, 2019 at the Goodwill of Southern California Community Room. The training room was set up for 150 attendees and was at near capacity both days.

EWDD Interim General Manager John L. Reamer, Jr. and Assistant General Manager of Workforce Development Robert Sainz welcomed attendees and reminded them of the critical roles fiscal officers and staff play in administering EWDD’s various grant programs.

A key message conveyed at the training was that financial and programmatic and performance data must go hand-in-hand.

Training topics included: financial management system standards, internal controls and procedures, budget preparation, financial reporting and auditing requirements. Attendees were administered a final exam to help reinforce the technical topics addressed during the training.

"I was very pleased with how well the FMD team was able to pull this off with the time that we had,” said EWDD FMD Director Catherine Bondoc. “Based on attendees' feedback, they felt empowered by everything that they learned during the two-day conference. For me, that spells success!"

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