Compass Rose Collaborative Instructor Frank Martinez working with trainees during the September 2019 forklift training program
A dozen Compass Rose Collaborative (CRC) participants assembled Friday September 27, 2019 for forklift training in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The forklift training is one component of safety training, including OSHA10 and CPR, that participants take to receive a pre-apprenticeship certificate, a pathway to the construction trades.

“This was one of the best cohorts,” said EWDD Senior Project Assistant Juan Romero, who oversees the program. “The men were focused. A lot of them are ready to join the workforce. They were really good.”

The City of LA was one of three cities awarded the CRC grant from the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration in June 2018. The program, which is offered at EWDD’s Boyle Heights YouthSource Center, provides training to re-entry youth ages 18-24.

“As far as mentally and physically, getting the hands-on experience with the tools, it actually made me someone different, someone better,” said Carlos, 23, a current participant who is striving to secure a job at a carpentry company following completion of the program.

The safety training also teaches participants the importance of having a solid work ethic and how to be prepared for accidents that may occur at a job site.

“It’s not about getting them their certificate,” said CRC Training Instructor Frank Martinez. “It’s really making sure they understand the safety aspects and to be a good worker when an employer wants to hire them.”

After completing training, individuals will receive a stipend of $1,500, and receive tools and boots to tackle assignments that comes their way.

The Compass Rose Collaborative training series is currently being offered through the Boyle Heights Technology YouthSource Center. See the CRCollaborative flyer for more about the course and how to apply for the program.

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