Amira Polack, founder and CEO of Struct Club
Grid110, a 501c3 clean technology start-up incubator dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses, recently celebrated alum Amira Polack, founder of the app Struct Club.

“Struct Club is a transformed company because of Grid110,” Amira said in a profile Grid110 published on the online publishing forum Medium.

Grid110 assisted Struct Club in developing team growth, product progress, business contacts, office space, affordable access to exclusive networking opportunities and free credits for tech, Amira said. Struct Club is an app for iPhones and Spotify that allows spin and cycling fitness instructors to choreograph a class one time and share that class on a teleprompter with students, instead of choreographing a lesson for each class session.

Amira Polack quote: Let me count the ways Grid110 has helped Struct Club: team growth, product progress, serious business contacts, office space, affordable access to exclusive networking opportunities, free credits for tech — just to start.
EWDD administers and supports Grid110 through a $700,000 Community Development Block Grant. Grid110 has a mission to improve the economic health of LA by helping local tech entrepreneurs grow their businesses through innovative and sustainable pathways, creating a thriving tech hub in Downtown Los Angeles. The City of Los Angeles is a proud supporter of businesses and incubators that drive the forward momentum of a green technology sector in our community. LA is committed more than ever to a progressive plan that will secure clean air, clean water and an increasingly stable climate, that also promotes sustainability and economic growth.

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