Financial Management Division (FMD)
2014 Contractors' Fiscal Training
September 2014

EWDD's Financial Management Division conducted a two day session of what was called Contractors' Fiscal Training. According to FMD Chief Catherine Bondoc, a new training format was used.

“We focused on problem areas we often find from agencies' budgets, financial reports and fiscal reviews, plus updates on the new federal Omni-Circular and the enactment of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA),” said Bondoc.

More than 150 participants were given class exercises to reinforce grant rules. A peer-to-peer session that separated the WorkSource from the YouthSource centers for a discussion of WIA's reporting requirements was part of the training. Also discussed was the methodologies they were using and the struggles they were experiencing.

General Manager Jan Perry and AGM Robert Sainz dropped by to thank everyone for attending and to stress the importance of the role that fiscal folks play in running our programs. Overall, the training was successful. Evaluation forms indicated the training was both helpful and informative. FMD's team work was in full display at this training.

  1. Welcome Remarks by FMD Chief Catherine Bondoc

  2. Budget Process Part I

  3. Budget Process Part II

  4. Budget Process Part III

  5. Financial Grants Management (FGM) - Overview & Financial Management System

  6. FGM - Financial Reporting Required Reports

  7. FGM - Financial Reporting Obligations & Expenditures A

  8. FGM - Financial Reporting Obligations & Expenditures B

  9. FGM - Financial Reporting WIA Administrative Costs

  10. FGM - Financial Reporting Salary & Bonus Limitation

  11. FGM - Cost Allocation Direct Shared & Indirect Costs

  12. FGM - Review

  13. FGM - Cost Allocation Indirect Costs A

  14. FGM - Cost Allocation Indirect Costs B

  15. FGM - Cash Advances & Program Income

  16. FGM - Stand In Costs & Records Retention

  17. FGM - Updates Omni Circular & WIOA

  18. Fiscal Review Process Part I

  19. Fiscal Review Process Part II

  20. Fiscal Review Process Part III

  21. WIA Program Reporting Adult & DW by MCS Rehab & CCD

  22. FMD Email for Reporting



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