Jan Perry, Los Angeles public servant for over 20 years
Effective December 31, 2018, Jan Perry is completing her tenure as General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD). Ms. Perry will become Executive Director of the Infrastructure Funding Alliance, a statewide group dedicated to developing and advocating approaches and strategies that motivate government at all levels to implement environmentally and fiscally sustainable infrastructure projects. She assumes the post on January 2, 2019.

“It’s been the privilege of my life to serve the people of the City of Los Angeles,” Perry said. “I look forward to this next phase in my journey where I will continue to serve the people of California by promoting infrastructure projects that will stimulate economic development and create good paying jobs.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed Ms. Perry to the General Manager post after she successfully served three-terms on the Los Angeles City Council, serving the 9th District communities of Little Tokyo, Downtown and South Los Angeles. The impact she made during her 12-years in office brought visibility to the newly formed EWDD, because of her work on economic development projects that revitalized neglected neighborhoods.Jan Perry with her constituents following a YouthSource event with Metta World Peace

Ms. Perry successfully led the transition as the former Community Development Department was dismantled to form EWDD, which also included the creation and integration of a new Economic Development Division (EDD) designed to stimulate LA’s economy by leveraging the City’s real estate assets into development projects that could create jobs and revitalize struggling communities.

During her five-year tenure as General Manager, Ms. Perry led an interconnected system of 14 YouthSource Centers, 16 WorkSource Centers and nine BusinessSource Centers. These resource and training centers are strategically located in LA’s under-served neighborhoods and provide Angelenos at key stages of life – youth, job seekers and entrepreneurs – an opportunity for success. EWDD and these centers also provide the platform to implement and execute many of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Executive Orders and key initiatives by administering programs that invest in LA’s most valuable resource – its people.

Ms. Perry provided strength and stability to EWDD, and as the voice of the department she often provided inspirational messages to graduates of job training programs, including youth, job seekers recently released from prison, homeless, older adults, and other vulnerable and underrepresented populations.

She has emphasized success stories featuring people of color, especially female entrepreneurs, to show real life examples to people from the City of LA’s underrepresented neighborhoods that success is achievable and possible.
Jan Perry, as General Manager of LA City's Economic and Workforce Development Department, speaking to LA City Council on behalf of the people of Los Angeles
As EWDD celebrates its five-year anniversary, a sampling of the department’s accomplishments include:

HIRE LA’S YOUTH – In 2017, approximately 16,834 youth enrolled in the Mayor’s youth hiring program, exceeding the goal of 15,500;

LA:RISE (Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise) – In partnership with social enterprise REDF, EWDD administers the LA:RISE program, which provides those with high barriers to employment, including the homeless, recently released from prison, and youth neither in school nor working, an opportunity to get good jobs and stay employed; and

CITY OF LOS ANGELES CITYWIDE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (CEDS) – In 2018, EWDD delivered a strategy to City Council designed to leverage LA’s position as a gateway to the Pacific Rim and other world markets to grow the region’s economy to benefit all Angelenos and expand LA’s regional, national and global presence by investing in our people, neighborhoods and industries. The Citywide Economic Development Strategy provides four different governance models for streamlining the economic development process and includes customized strategies for communities that have historically been under-served.


EWDD provides a broad range of programs designed to grow and improve Los Angeles’ economy while building a well-trained and job-ready workforce. EWDD oversees 14 citywide youth development centers that offer educational and career readiness services for disconnected youth ages 16 to 24 who are neither in school nor working, 16 WorkSource Centers that offer a wide range of quality employment related assistance to job seekers and employers, and nine BusinessSource Centers that provide services including access to capital, business plan development, tax incentives/credits, business courses and training, employee hiring and workforce development to business owners or startups.