LA:RISE helped Vernon Shepard get a job at CRCD Enterprises
The Vernon-Central/Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) WorkSource Center, through the LA:RISE program, provided Vernon Shepard with work shoes and support to start his first job after serving 16 years in prison.

Vernon, a father of three, was facing the challenges of homelessness, when he visited the offices of Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) Enterprises, a professional maintenance services company. An EWDD partner, CRCD also runs the Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center and the City’s South Region YouthSource Center.

CRCD staff enrolled Vernon into the LA:RISE Program, which helps individuals with high barriers to employment, including the unsheltered, re-entry workers and disconnected youth, get good jobs and stay employed.

Through LA:RISE, Vernon developed janitorial skills and learned how to maintain an apartment building as part of the janitorial team of the Skid Row Housing Trust. Vernon also learned how to work in a diverse environment and how to work well with a team.

Vernon quickly gained the trust of not only his supervisors but also of the Skid Row community, where he is very loved and missed on his days off.

Vernon is now a permanent employee of CRCD Enterprises. Vernon said that he is very grateful to be a part of LA: RISE and to continue learning and growing with CRCD.

During the first week of September 2018, EWDD highlighted two success stories from LA:RISE, a program designed to serve people who face the toughest challenges when looking for work, including the homeless, those with histories of past incarcerations and disconnected youth. Vernon's story, along with Juan Salazar's success story, represent the vital services EWDD’s 16 WorkSource Centers provide every day.

This story is part of the EWDD UPDATES from the week of September 3, 2018. Read this issue and more.