Daisy Tavares (right) received funding from the Downtown/Pico Union WorkSource Center to get training to become a pharmacy technician
The Downtown/Pico Union WorkSource Center, in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), was able to provide funding to help an LAUSD adult school student receive training to become a pharmacy technician.

Daisy Tavares was laid off from LAUSD in 2017, where she had been working in maintenance and operations and working as a librarian.

Daisy had been a pre-med major in college but ultimately decided that she was more interested in pursuing a career in the holistic medical field rather than a traditional medical degree. She also realized the importance of being able to understand and clearly explain medications and their side effects to her patients. Thus, she decided that she would start her career by getting the training needed to get her license as a pharmacy technician.

However, since Daisy had recently been laid off, paying for the class was going to be difficult. The Pharmacy Technician instructor at Evans Community Adult School mentioned that Daisy should connect with a WorkSource Center to see if they might be able to help.

Marcella Wong, from the Downtown/Pico Union WorkSource Center, a partner of Evans CAS, happened to be on campus that day, and, after completing the WorkSource Center’s orientation and initial assessment, Daisy was able to receive funding for the class.

Daisy says that she is thankful to the Downtown/Pico Union WorkSource Center for funding her training and helping her get closer to her goals. Daisy added that Marcella Wong consistently checked in to discuss her progress, hear any grievances or frustrations that Daisy might have during the process, and to give her support. She says that she also really appreciated how quickly Ms. Wong responded whenever Daisy needed anything.

As a result of her externship during the class, Daisy was hired by CVS Pharmacy immediately after completing the course. She is now about to begin on-the-job training to be a Lead Technician.

EWDD Partnerships

As part of our efforts to provide wrap-around services for youth and job seekers, EWDD has an established partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Daisy Tavares' success story is an example how working together can bridge and connect LAUSD adult school students to EWDD’s WorkSource Centers.

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