The Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center helped Re-entry worker Oscar Aviles find a job as a parking attendant
Re-entry worker Oscar Aviles visited the Vernon Central/LATTC WorkSource Center (WSC) for assistance in finding a customer service job.

In addition, Oscar enrolled in the center’s Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) program for financial coaching and he also enrolled in Friends Outside of Los Angeles to receive re-entry services such as the Parole to Payroll workshop.

Earlier this year, Oscar attended a WSC recruitment event where he met a recruiter from SP+ Parking company and was hired to work as a parking attendant.

Oscar stated that he really appreciates the help he received with the Vernon-Central/LATTC WSC and while he encountered challenges as an ex-offender to find employment, the Vernon-Central/LATTC WSC connected the dots that made it possible for him to land a job.

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