(left) EWDD BusinessSource Director Richard Pallay and EWDD Sr. Project Assistant Dennis Parks, with former Council District 8 Councilman Robert Farrell at a Ports O’Call community event
EWDD’s Rapid Response Team has consistently provided support services to business owners and job seekers affected by the demolition of the Ports O’Call Village in San Pedro to make way for the San Pedro Public Market redevelopment project.

EWDD Senior Project Assistant Dennis Parks has led the extensive coordination effort to alert Ports O’Call employees and businesses about EWDD’s Rapid Response services, which provide free assistance with unemployment insurance benefits, registration with CalJobs, resources for mortgage payments, access to health and retirement benefits, and job search/job training resources.

Dennis represented EWDD at a series of community meetings in late March, including the LA Waterfront Town Hall meeting, which provided an overview about how the new San Pedro Public Market project will redefine the LA Waterfront.

EWDD held several Rapid Response orientations for Ports O’Call Village workers and employers and have plans for future outreach efforts.

EWDD’s Rapid Response Unit offers a variety of downsizing services, including assisting laid off employees obtain access to job training and transistion programs, as well as applying for healthcare and state/federal assistance programs. Learn how EWDD can help.

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