Nurse Yvonne Phelps (right) received job placement and financial coaching services
The Vernon-Central/Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) WorkSource Center helped recent LATTC nursing program graduate Yvonne Phelps secure a job at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center and provided financial coaching to help her save for her future.

After completing her two-year training program at LATTC, Yvonne turned to the center for job placement assistance and discovered the center’s Financial Opportunity Center (FOC), which helps participants develop money management and credit building skills.

Yvonne had previously experienced homelessness and did not have any savings.

Once Yvonne received her first paycheck, she returned to the FOC for advice on how to save her money. She attended a financial workshop where she learned tips on how to keep track of her spending habits, so she can save for a car, her own apartment and her future.

Yvonne said the FOC taught her to focus on using her salary toward her needs and how to save for her wants. Yvonne now shares her story with co-workers and other students to encourage them to sign up for financial coaching services at the FOC, run by EWDD partner Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD).

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