Department of Public Works, Bureau of Street Services, City of Los Angeles
Management Analyst Melissa McGriff, who oversees the clerical staff of the Investigation and Enforcement Division at the City’s Bureau of Street Services, was so pleased with a recent hire from the Targeted Local Hire Program that two more TLHP candidates are scheduled to start jobs in the division by the end of March.

“I found that the majority of the people we interviewed were very highly qualified,” she said.

With 46 percent of the City’s workforce eligible to retire by 2018, the TLHP presents an opportunity to find, hire and train new employees for entry level City jobs.

“This is a training program,” she said of TLHP. “If we get some people who are qualified that’s great, but our responsibility is that we are supposed to be training them to be the city employees that we want them to be.”

The new TLHP employee in her division has a strong work ethic and shares experiences about working conditions outside the City, stories that have renewed her team’s appreciation for their City jobs.

"He's brought a positive energy and I thank him for that,” she said.

For supervisors who are considering hiring from the TLHP candidate pool, the program provides an opportunity to coach employees to put forth their best effort and increase diversity in the workplace.

“I do very much like the program,” she said. “I have recommended friends and family that I feel are qualified to go and find out about it.”

Candidates can learn more about TLHP by visiting EWDD’s 16 WorkSource Centers or by applying at one of EWDD’s nine application sites.

The City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department’s WorkSource Centers were honored for their participation in the Targeted Local Hire Program, which is designed to help under-served and under-employed Angelenos find an alternative pathway to civil service careers at the City. In March 2018, EWDD offered two perspectives on the TLHP: a success story from a recently hired jobseeker who said the program greatly improved her quality of life and an employer’s perspective on how the program has proven to benefit an entire department.

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