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For the past two years, Ryan Murphy Television, the production company behind renowned shows such as “American Horror Story,” has hired Hire LA’s Youth participants for internships and has offered several interns full-time positions.

“All of the participants have been extremely eager to learn and quick at it,” said Tanase Popa, producer at Ryan Murphy Television.

Tanase credited EWDD Youth Operations Director Brenda Anderson for preparing interns for the experience, prepping them for interviews and providing transportation funds as needed.

“Since Brenda does such a great job prepping them, we usually brought on her first selections as interns and they have all been great interns.” Tanase added, “It has been very rewarding to help youth at their beginning stages of their career development. Brenda has been exceptional at finding great matches for us.”

Potential employers considering placing youth at internships in entertainment should be aware that “Not all interns may be ready for the next step in a full time position,” he said. “We offer guidance to get them there and make them fully knowledgeable of various departments in filmmaking.”
There are a lot of talented young people eager for an opportunity. Hire LA’s Youth & Evolve Entertainment Fund have helped give people opportunities who may not know how else to find jobs in television...it has been rewarding to create those bridges for them and watch them soar. - Tanase Popa, producer for Ryan Murphy Television

Out of nine candidates from the last pool of Ryan Murphy Television interns, two were ready for full time employment and were offered roles. One former Hire LA’s Youth intern wanted to become a writer and he has been an "invaluable contributor to our company on several shows" Tanase said. Another intern who was offered a full time job decided to continue her education and has gone back to college.

Overall, Tanase said his company’s experience with Hire LA’s Youth interns has been a positive experience and has instilled confidence in the program.

“There are a lot of talented young people eager for an opportunity,” Tanase said. “Hire LA’s Youth and EFF (Evolve Entertainment Fund) has helped give people opportunities whom may not know how else to find jobs in television. Most of our interns were huge fans of our shows and never realized there was a job for them on those productions. It has been rewarding to create those bridges for them and watch them soar as they learned that they too have potential in entertainment.”

Last week, EWDD Updates highlighted Boyle Heights Technology Youth Center participant Eric Rodriguez, who was a featured success story at the launch of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Evolve Entertainment Fund (EEF), a public private-partnership designed to create opportunities for career pathways for underrepresented populations into LA’s entertainment industry. EWDD looks forward to continuing to provide support to Hire LA'S Youth and the EEF so that local youth and job seekers can find successful career pathways into the entertainment industry.

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