The Hollywood BusinessSource Center helped Arlington Heights Mini Market owner Herman Russell expand his business, paving the way for up to 8 new employees
The Hollywood BusinessSource Center (BSC) has developed a longstanding relationship with Herman Russell, owner of the Arlington Heights Mini Market, helping him expand his business and create up to eight new jobs.

In 2015, Herman turned to the Hollywood BSC, run by EWDD partner Managed Career Services, for assistance in obtaining a small loan to purchase inventory to keep the shelves stocked at his mini market.

Hollywood BSC staff guided Herman through the loan process, helping him attain a $10,000 microloan.

In 2016, the Hollywood BSC helped Herman obtain another microloan for a new sign for his storefront, located at 2489 West Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Arlington Heights Mini Market in Los AngelesIn 2017, the space next door to Arlington Mini Market became available. Herman’s mini market had reached a point where it needed more room for inventory and the timing was right for an expansion.

The Hollywood BSC helped Herman get approved for a $30,000 loan, which allowed him to sign the lease on the new space.

In December 2017, a Hollywood BSC consultant informed Herman about a new loan program where Herman could qualify. Herman and the consultant had previously discussed how if Herman could obtain an open line of credit over $50,000, he could take his business to the next level. The consultant remembered this and thought that with this new loan program, Herman had a great shot at being able to achieve that goal.

On January 11, 2018, Herman was approved for a $75,000 line of credit. This line will help him speed up the Arlington Heights Mini Market expansion and create five to eight new jobs.

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