The Vernon-Central/LATTC WSC helped Regina Buckley secure a job as a bus driver for the City of Inglewood
The Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center recently helped a woman find a job as a bus driver for the City of Inglewood.

Regina Buckley came to the Vernon Central/LATTC WorkSource Center to find assistance in securing stable employment in transportation or clerical jobs. A career coach provided initial job placement services by enrolling Regina into the Targeted Local Hire Program, a City of Los Angeles program designed to expedite the hiring process for potential applicants.

Since Regina already had a Class B driver’s license, the center also provided Regina job postings for several local municipal transportation systems. She consistently visited the Vernon-Central/LATTC WSC to seek employment.

Regina recently started working as a bus driver for the City of Inglewood and said she is very happy to have found stable employment.

“I am so grateful of all the help and services your staff and organization have provided to me and others,” Regina said. “You all are such a blessing to many souls that are in need. I pray that your services continue on and be a shining light to others.”

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