This week’s Updates Newsletter highlights two success stories from the North Valley WorkSource Center, representing how the WorkSource System provides support every day to improve outcomes for all job seekers, including vulnerable and underrepresented Populations.

These stories characterize each of the EWDD WorkSource Centers and the vital services they provide every day of the year.

North Valley WSC Helps Unemployed Man Overcome Hurdles and Find Success in the Security Field

Clip Art of a Security Guard
The North Valley WorkSource Center provided training and employment assistance to Emeka Okonweze, helping him find a well-paying job as a security guard with a salary that allows him to afford a place to live.

Upon his first meeting with a case manager at the WorkSource Center in July 2017, Emeka, 56, was living in a state of housing insecurity, sometimes staying at a relative’s home, but otherwise homeless.

Remaining proactive in his job search, Emeka took public transportation to the WorkSource Center several times a week to use the computer lab to look for work. After speaking with his case manager about potential career paths, Emeka enrolled in a comprehensive security guard training course in Van Nuys. Emeka completed the course in September 2017. He was recognized as an exceptional student and hired for a full-time estate security position that pays $20 an hour. Emeka is now able to afford housing.

After demonstrating excellence on the job, the company offered to co-sign a company car for him so he no longer has to rely on public transportation to get to work.

Emeka recently returned to the WorkSource Center to thank his case manager and staff for helping him overcome his challenges to find a job opportunity.

Youth Attains First Job with Coaching from North Valley WSC Staff

North Valley WSC helped Alejandro Bergara find his first job
The North Valley WSC helped Alejandro Bergara find his first job
The North Valley WorkSource Center helped a young man with mild autism develop job hunting skills, ultimately helping him land his first job as a package handler with FedEx Ground.

When Alejandro Bergara, 22, first visited the North Valley WSC in July 2017, he did not know how to complete a job application. Alejandro shared that he had difficulty finding employment while dealing with the struggles of mild autism, but with guidance from his case manager and the center’s business service representative, Alejandro learned how to apply for positions on his own.

He also received resume assistance, feedback on mock job interviews and attended job fairs and job recruitment events at the WorkSource Center. At a recent job fair Alejandro had a successful interview and was offered a job with FedEx Ground.

Alejandro’s family said they are extremely grateful for the center’s assistance and helping Alejandro achieve the milestone of getting hired for his first job.

“He’s so very happy, he came and hugged me,” said Catalina Rodriguez, Senior Business Service Representative at the North Valley WSC. “He was so super happy, and his mother too. They are so appreciative that we took the time to coach him, to take him farther. We went the extra mile with him.”

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