Pacoima based State Farm insurance agent John Hernandez
The North Valley BusinessSource Center has steadily helped Pacoima insurance agent John Hernandez with his business, beginning with his grand opening in 2010 to his recent growth and expansion efforts.

The North Valley BusinessSource Center guided John to obtain a co-working space in the facility’s Entrepreneur Center, which provided additional space for John to meet with larger groups of clients and partners.

In September 2017, John hosted educational presentations for the community with marketing assistance from the North Valley BusinessSource Center.

The center’s business consultants also helped John find a 1,000 square foot office location in Sun Valley. He celebrated the grand opening of his new space on September 22, 2017, and plans to hire up to five additional full-time employees.

The North Valley BusinessSource Center referred him to the local WorkSource Center to find new employees, and John plans to continue to collaborate with the North Valley BusinessSource Center as he further develops his business.

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