2016 Fortune Magazine Los Angeles Cover
Robin Micheli of Fortune Magazine interviewed Ms. Perry this week for the 2017 Fortune Magazine Los Angeles supplement. Topics included a discussion of the continuing strong job growth, workforce development and how the efforts of the EWDD and the City have contributed to economic and employment expansion in Los Angeles.

Outlined were EWDD’s programs that encourage and assist business through BusinessSource Centers, and residents through the WorkSource, YouthSource and DayLabor Resource Centers. Also noted were the nearly 100,000 residents who access a variety of career and education services through the EWDD systems every year. As Ms. Perry highlighted, an increased number of jobs in today's economy require higher skill levels, therefore, EWDD has partnered with LAUSD/Division of Adult & Career Education and the Los Angeles Community College District to provide low-skill job seekers with the skills required to compete in growing high-skill industries.

Asked what was a source of pride for the EWDD's and the city's accomplishments during the past year, Ms. Perry mentioned the establishment of nationally recognized programs such as LA:RISE focusing on formerly homeless and YouthSource focusing on disconnected young adults. Also discussed was the Economic Development Division, which is utilizing a newly created integrated real estate asset management system to access data related to city-owned property. The system allows EWDD to accurately search, track and manage city-owned property for economic development to serve as a catalyst to remove blight, improve under-utilized property, create business opportunities and jobs, and generate sales and property tax revenue.

Asked about going forward in terms of L.A.’s Workforce Development, Ms. Perry described the opportunities for high-demand industry sector strategies, a regional plan to promote greater collaboration between the Workforce Developments Boards, community colleges and other key stakeholders, and a regional plan to serve disconnected youth with high barriers to education and employment.

This story is part of the EWDD UPDATES Newsletter from the week of 2/6/2017. Read this issue and more.