Los Angeles is Where the World Creates

Downtown Skyline from Echo Park. Photo Credit: By Wes Tennyson available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license
For generations, the world has come to Los Angeles to create the future and in turn have helped build one of the most diverse and forward-thinking cities in history. With instant name-recognition around the globe, L.A. is known as a place where new ideas and fresh-thinking are as much a part of the landscape as our mountains, beaches, and unrivaled weather.

Los Angeles is an ideal place to grow a business, with access to large regional, national, and international markets. L.A.'s world-class infrastructure, extensive human capital, and highly diversified economy and resource network ensure that whatever your business needs to thrive, you can find it here.

The City of Angels has always been a hub of creativity and innovation, and remains at the cutting edge of clean technology, transportation, trade, and media. Full of opportunity and optimism, Los Angeles is unlike anywhere else in the world.

The L.A. Economy & Key Assets
The Los Angeles economy is exceptionally diversified, with established industry clusters ranging from aerospace, entertainment, and fashion to biomedical services, consumer products, and tourism. The City of L.A. also has ownership of key infrastructure assets which are leveraged to promote economic development and assist local businesses

Human Capital
Bolstered by world-class academic institutions and research and development organizations, L.A.'s human capital is the City's most valuable asset

Connected to Global Markets
The City of Los Angeles is "the heart" of Southern California, where every form of transportation comes together

Economic Data for Los Angeles
Los Angeles has one of the most diverse and dynamic economies in the United States, with endless opportunity for your business