EWDD WorkSource Center Employment Assistance and Job Training
This RFP Has Been Amended to Extend Deadlines
Submission Deadline:  Thursday, March 29 - 5:00pm (PDT)
Notice of Intent Deadline:  Friday, March 2

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from organizations interested in providing services as both a one-stop operator and primary Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title I adult and dislocated worker service provider in an America's Job Center of California, known locally as a WorkSource Center. Selected Proposers will enable the City of Los Angeles to meet the expectations and challenges articulated in the overview and elsewhere in this document, and provide a full range of assistance and services under one roof to job seekers, including but not limited to workers who have been laid off, youth, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, people with disabilities, and employers.

It is the shared vision of the City of Los Angeles' Workforce Development Board, Mayor, City Council and EWDD to utilize the Workforce Development System to better address evolving economic and labor market conditions, especially for populations that have been left behind by the region’s economic recovery.

As the LA economy continues to recover from the Great Recession, labor market and demographic data continues to reflect an uneven recovery in which large segments of the labor market such as low-income, English Language Learners, single mothers, disconnected youth, men and women of color, and individuals without a college education or skilled training continue to face significant challenges in accessing “good” jobs. These and other demographic groups each face unique challenges entering and advancing in the workplace.

The City's Workforce Development System was last redesigned in 2013, and while the improvements have led to increased performance and greater focus on vulnerable populations, building a more equitable labor market that provides economic opportunities for all Angelinos while meeting the growing demand of the region’s employers is a challenge that must now be prioritized.

The WorkSource Center Request for Proposal has been amended to reflect deadline modifications to the Notice of Intent, Request for Technical Assistance and Submission deadlines. Please see Technical Assistance, on this page, for clarifications and LABAVN for further information and the revised RFP.

The full RFP and all related documents and forms may be downloaded through the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (LABAVN).
**Registration is required for access**

review the LABAVN Walkthrough Guide for further assistance

Mandatory Notice of Intent to Submit Proposal

In order to more efficiently manage the number of potential respondents to this RFP, submission of the Notice of Intent to Submit Proposal form (Exhibit IX) is mandatory. The form may be submitted by email only.

Deadline to Submit Intent Form is Friday, March 2 by 12:00 pm
email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using "WorkSource Center Operators RFP – Notice of Intent to Submit" in the subject line

Technical Assistance

Questions & Answers 106-108
posted 3/20/2018
Questions & Answers 97-99
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Questions & Answers 92-96
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Questions & Answers 84-91
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Proposer's Conference Q&A
posted 2/12/2018

Technical assistance is open beginning February 7 through March 2. All technical assistance questions must be submitted by e-mail only. Please identify the RFP title on the subject line of your message. The proposer’s question must identify the page and section of the subject matter.

To ensure fair and consistent distribution of information, all questions will be answered by regularly updated Q&A pages linked from this webpage and on LABAVN. No individual answers will be given.

Final day to submit questions is Tuesday, March 20
email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using "WorkSource Center Operators RFP – Technical Assistance Request" in the subject line

Business Inclusion Program (BIP) and Outreach

The BIP outreach is performed through the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN) system, accessed by going to LABAVN.org. Registration is required to access the BAVN system. A proposer’s failure to complete the BIP outreach as directed may render the bid nonresponsive and will result in the proposal not being accepted.

See page 48 of the RFP and Appendix D for outreach instructions.
review the BIP Outreach Guide for further assistance

Proposers' Conference

A proposers’ conference is scheduled to review the RFP document, discuss requirements and answer questions. City staff will not provide assistance regarding a proposer’s specific individual submission. All proposers planning to attend the conference are required to RSVP by email. Please bring your own copy of the RFP as copies will not be provided.

Tuesday, February 6 - 10:00am
Economic & Workforce Development Department
1200 West 7th Street, Los Angeles 90017

RSVP by Monday, February 5
email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using "WorkSource Center Operators RFP – Proposers Conference RSVP" in the subject line. Please note the total number of individuals attending with full names.