Google Map View of the Bethune Development Opportunity Site
Submission Deadline:  Monday, July 10 - 5:00pm (PDT)
Business Inclusion Program (BIP) Deadline:  June 25, 11:59pm (PDT)

The City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department is seeking proposals for the development of a vacant parcel, approximately 34,000 square feet, located in a Public Facilities Zone (PF-1). The selected proposal will include a development plan for the former Bethune Library, located at 3685 South Vermont Avenue, which sits across the street from the University of Southern California (USC) in the Exposition/University Park Redevelopment Project Area.

EWDD seeks to promote the economic well-being of Los Angeles, increase job creation, and improve the quality of the environment. The RFP reflects the concerted effort of the City to meet these major development goals and to integrate local identity with a sense of place through appropriate scale, density, land use, and sensitive urban design. The City will consider a variety of commercial uses consistent with the Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay District guidelines.

The Bethune Opportunity Site is located in a vibrant and evolving mixed income commercial and residential neighborhood. The City seeks a use or combination of uses that will be a catalyst for the surrounding area and further stimulate economic activity, as well as enhance the walkability of the neighborhood.

In addition to standard EWDD requirements, proposals should include community benefits which will enhance the local South Los Angeles neighborhoods. In response to community needs, the development should include street front activation with community serving retail. If a response proposes a hotel, the development should include ground floor commercial retail or small open space. While there is no preferred community request for the development of this parcel, it is important that proposals indicate how each specific proposal supports and enhances the economic and business development benefits to the community as a whole.

The full RFP and all related documents and forms may be downloaded through the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (LABAVN).
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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is open beginning May 29 through June 5. All technical assistance questions must be submitted by e-mail only. Please identify the RFP title on the subject line of your message. The proposer’s question must identify the RFP page and section of the subject matter to which the proposer is referring.

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The last day for submitting technical assistance questions is June 5, 2017
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Business Inclusion Program (BIP) and Outreach

The BIP outreach is performed through the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN) system, accessed by going to Registration is required to access the BAVN system. A proposer’s failure to utilize and complete the BIP outreach may result will result in a proposal not being accepted.

Proposer must perform subcontractor outreach 15 days prior to RFP due date, June 25, 11:59pm (PDT)
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